You Will Look Beautiful After You Visit The Portland Salon

Men and women like to feel good about themselves and if you have wanted to spend some time pampering yourself our Portland Salon can help you look and feel better. At Rejuvenation we specialize in beauty and body treatments ranging from hair cuts to colors. We can even do your nails or give you a bikini wax. Our qualified therapists, stylists and estheticians know exactly what you need to give you a new look, or just update your old one.

Come in to our Portland Salon and have a Rejuvenation Blowout. Our Signature Treatment includes a shampoo and scalp massage. Let your stylist know how you want your hair styled before they blow it out. If you are going to a special event have your hair done to reflect the occasion. Most people do not like change, but if you have been considering a new look, now is the time. The stylists at Rejuvenation always keep up with the latest hairstyles and can advise you on the best cut for your face shape. We can even trim your bangs. Our hair cuts include a blowout and are very affordable. Changing your hair color is never easy, but if you have always wanted to be a redhead, our salon can give you the look that you have been craving. Unfortunately most people have experienced an unfortunate situation with hair color, but we can help with that too. Come in for a corrective color consult and see how we can make you look fabulous again.

We also do partial and full weaves for a totally different look.The first thing most people notice when they meet you is your hands. They will also look at your feet, especially if you are wearing sandals or open toed shoes. When you shake a person’s hand they immediately look at your nails and if they are not looking their best, your new friend will definitely see it. Our salon in Portland specializes in manicures and pedicures. You will feel confident knowing that all of our equipment is sterilized after every use. For something completely different try a Hot Stone Experience. Our pedicurist will soak your feet with sage tea and hot stones. After your river stone foot massage you will be bathed in a warm bath of paraffin. Finish up with an essential oil massage on your calves and feet. For a few extra dollars you can add cuticle care and polish. The Hand Rejuvenator is perfect if you need extra hydration.

Our manicurist will exfoliate, stimulate and replenish the moisture to your sore and dry hands. This magical treatment also includes a paraffin dip and hand massage. Other therapies that you might like to try include Nature’s Sweet Therapy and the Petite Treat.Our Portland Salon also specializes in waxing. If you have regular treatments you will experience light hair growth and smoother skin. We only use gentle wax, and if you prefer, we have depilatory available. All of our materials are entirely disposable.Come and check out Rejuvenation. Not only can we make you beautiful on the outside, but we can also help you feel better on the inside.