Stop Your Aching Back With A Portland Massage Therapy

For tired aching muscles there is nothing better than a Portland Massage Therapy. Even if you are just feeling stressed and not yourself, you can benefit from one of our wonderful therapies. Our fully trained therapists will know exactly what treatment is best suited for your particular body type. They will also know what is best if you are suffering from chronic pain, stress or sports injuries. At Rejuvenation we believe that the hands are the best tools that you can use for massage. Our therapists manipulate muscles, which helps to release stress and tension all over your body. After your first massage you will notice your body begin to heal itself. You will be balanced and more in touch with your mind, body and soul. Our therapies include Reiki, The Sabai Experience, Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and our Signature Massage with Aromatherapy.

One of the most ancient hands-on healing therapies comes from Japan and transfers energy that accelerates the body’s ability to heal emotional and physical ailments. With Reiki all you need to do is relax as the practitioner will rest her hands on different energy centers. This occurs for several minutes which will enable you to open your mind and spirit. After your treatment you will feel balanced and refreshed.

Sabai literally means state of bliss and is a traditional therapy from Thailand. Our therapists press hot herbal balls along the major energy channels in the body. These are called the Sen Sib lines. By using the herbal balls they are able to stimulate circulation and clear blockages. This is incorporated into traditional Thai massage which uses muscle compression, stretching and acupressure. If you have ever had a deep tissue of sports massage you will love the Sabai Experience. The herbs that are used are made in Bangkok and designed to help reduce inflammation and get rid of toxins. After your massage you can have a Vichy Shower which will relax and refresh you.

Our hot stone Portland Massage Therapy is perfect for everyone, especially if you lack energy. This amazing technique originated in Arizona and begins with a dry brushing. This is followed by a massage with warm sage oil and hot stones. The final step of the massage is a Vichy or Swiss shower. This wonderful massage reduces nervous fatigue and helps release stress, anxiety and tension.

Even if you are a weekend sports enthusiast you can benefit from deep tissue and sports massage. Just like professional athletes people who participate in sporting activities can suffer from injuries and pulled or strained muscles. Regular massage can actually help prevent further injuries as it increases circulation and reduces swelling. Sports and deep tissue massage is also great if you have repetitive work habits. Our therapists will focus on the muscle groups that are relevant to your particular needs.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting events that will ever happen to a woman, but it can also cause problems. Because your body is changing you may experience back pain, swelling and tired legs. Our specially designed body support cushion will completely relax you even if you are near the end of your pregnancy.

Whether you come in for a quick thirty minute treatment on your lunch hour, or spend a couple of hours having a Portland Massage therapy, you will appreciate the professional and caring approach that our staff has to offer.