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Beginning her career in the early 80’s at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, Diana soon began to formulate a strong vision for a wellness center (the phrase Day Spa was not yet coined.) Diana’s vision was a calling to create a place of great beauty and harmony, a place where individuals who shared a common desire to be of service for the healing of people could come together to offer their gifts. She wanted it to house an energy of tranquility and beauty so the senses could be renewed, to be a peaceful place where people could reconnect with their essence, and she wanted a team of individuals whose love and caring would be the energy that would be the very heartbeat of the spa. Her faith in her vision allowed Diana to hold onto her dream long after many would have given up. Reality simply didn’t show much promise for its manifestation. Having shared her vision with many of her clients, one client became ignited by the strength and intention of her vision. Shari Jacobson stepped forward to help Diana realize her dream. It became a journey of faith and growth for both Shari and Diana.